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Craigslist Seattle: How to Post Ads on Craiglist?



craigslist seattle

In today’s digital era, it’s a quick and simple process to get whatever you need online. Many online classified websites circulate on the internet in various places but some of them have an excellent performance that makes them unique and clients choose them for their adverts. As the premier online classifieds, we’ll be discussing Craigslist Seattle for sale here. It’s the equivalent of the American version of Craigslist. Let’s discover more about it:

What is Craigslist?

Online shoppers and sellers in the United States can meet and interact through the use of Craigslist, a popular classifieds website. People in the United States are heavily represented in this marketplace. If you go to, the website will detect your location and tailor the advertising it shows you accordingly. It plays a crucial part in selling the business and items online.

Craigslist Seattle
Craigslist Seattle

Seattle is the northernmost major city in the United States and Craigslist Craigslist has a special section dedicated to Seattle, where local businesses and individuals may post ads and information about their offerings. However, if you know what you’re doing, selling on Craigslist shouldn’t be too difficult. So simply calm yourself and read the complete instructions to make an account and submit your ad on it.

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Where do I start in making a profile?

Similar to other online classifieds, you need an account in order to publish your adverts. However, if you don’t have it, you may always make an account first.

  • First, log into your personal profile on This option can be accessed by clicking the arrow in the top left corner, next to the logo.
  • Those who already have an account can sign in by entering their email address and clicking the Create Account button.
  • In order to change your password, you must first verify your email by clicking the link provided in that message.
  • Please review the following terms of service carefully before logging into your account:
  • In any case, getting to your account shouldn’t be too difficult for you. Entering my account will allow you to control your advertisements.

A guide to posting ads on Craigslist Seattle

Once you’ve signed up for and activated your account, posting ads and offering services is a breeze.

Create a new post by clicking the link that says “create new post” in the upper left corner, next to the “my account” link.

You can select the optimal and most convenient place for you at this time and push the proceed button.

Press the corresponding radio button to indicate the form of submission you’re making. You’ll be presented with a list of nearly a dozen different options for posting, from which you may pick the one that works best for your business.

When you select a specific type of ad, it will provide subcategories that are relevant to that type.

Include the title, location, city, zip code, description, pricing, contact information, and more in the next section. It’s important to keep in mind that the posting details form could seem slightly different depending on the specific category.

In the end, your ad will be published and accessible to customers.

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Advantages of Craigslist Seattle Ad Posting

Any kind of property, service, good, or commodity can be bought or sold rapidly on such a platform, as deals can be made between sellers and purchasers in a short amount of time.

ne of Craigslist’s best features is an automatic adjustment to the most convenient geographic area. Craigslist richmond va, Craigslist Orlando, Craigslist Portland, Craigslist Denver, Craigslist Houston, Craigslist San Diego, Craigslist Atlanta, and many more may be chosen based on your location and other factors.

The items and services are organised into distinct sections so that customers may quickly locate what they need. Getting your ad published is just as easy as the preceding procedures I outlined.

If you think it’s focusing on the wrong place, you may easily switch it with just one click. All of the surrounding establishments are displayed on the right side of the homepage.

In total, 15 different languages are supported for posting ads on Craigslist. The default language is English, although this can be easily changed.

This article is too brief to detail all of Craigslist Seattle’s features and advantages.

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Final Words

Craigslist Seattle is the finest place for local Seattle residents to post classified ads. The process of publishing an advertisement is straightforward because it has been thoughtfully constructed and designed.

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How to Write an Essay in the PTE Test?



Essay for PTE Test

In the PTE (Pearson Test of English) exam, you will be required to write two types of essays: the “Argumentative” and the “Problem-Solving” essay. In this post, we will discuss the general structure and tips for writing both types of essays.

There is a ready-made PTE essay format which you can use in the PTE Academic test for a full score! There is a memory technique for remembering this as well. This is the perfect PTE essay template for you..

Argumentative Essay:

An argumentative essay requires you to take a position on a topic and present your arguments to support your position. To write a successful argumentative essay in the PTE exam, follow these steps:

Step 1: Analyze the prompt – Read and understand the prompt carefully. Identify the key points of the prompt and think about the position you want to take.

Step 2: Plan your essay – Create an outline for your essay. The outline should include an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

Step 3: Write the introduction – The introduction should provide background information on the topic and present your thesis statement.

Step 4: Write the body paragraphs – The body paragraphs should present your arguments and provide evidence to support your thesis statement. Each body paragraph should focus on one argument and provide supporting evidence.

Step 5: Write the conclusion – The conclusion should summarize your main points and restate your thesis statement.

Tips for Writing an Argumentative Essay:

Use clear and concise language

Provide evidence to support your arguments

Use transitional words and phrases to connect ideas

Address counterarguments in your essay

Problem-Solving Essay:

A problem-solving essay requires you to identify a problem and propose a solution. To write a successful problem-solving essay in the PTE exam, follow these steps:

Step 1: Analyze the prompt – Read and understand the prompt carefully. Identify the problem and think about the possible solutions.

Step 2: Plan your essay – Create an outline for your essay. The outline should include an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

Step 3: Write the introduction – The introduction should provide background information on the problem and present your proposed solution.

Step 4: Write the body paragraphs – The body paragraphs should explain your proposed solution in detail. Each body paragraph should focus on one aspect of your proposed solution.

Step 5: Write the conclusion – The conclusion should summarize your proposed solution and the benefits it will bring.

Tips for Writing a Problem-Solving Essay:

Clearly define the problem

Provide a well-thought-out and practical solution

Use transitional words and phrases to connect ideas

Address possible limitations or drawbacks of the proposed solution

In conclusion, writing a successful essay in the PTE exam requires planning, organization, and clarity. Remember to analyze the prompt carefully, create an outline, and provide evidence or proposed solutions to support your arguments. Use transitional words and phrases to connect ideas, and always address counterarguments or possible limitations. With practice and preparation, you can master the art of writing successful essays in the PTE exam.

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How To Cast Laptop to Multiple TVs: Quick Guide



How to cast laptop to multiple TVs

Do you want to share what’s on your laptop with your whole family? If so, you are on the right post! With today’s technology, casting from your laptop to other TVs is a breeze.

If you want to know how to display content from your computer on more than one television, this guide will show you how.

Now that you have a brand new laptop, you may be curious about casting its display on other TVs. It’s not quite as easy as sending a video file over the internet to a TV, but there are a few options to do that simply.

In this guide, we will discuss a few manual ways how to cast a Laptop on multiple TVs. Also, you will learn how to cast a laptop to multiple TVs wirelessly.

So, without much ado let’s get started!

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Guide: How to cast a Laptop on multiple TVs?


  • You can do this quickly and easily with an HDMI cable. Laptops may connect to TVs with HDMI cables, and HDMI splitters allow for many TVs to be connected at once. All you need is an HDMI cable and a TV with an HDMI input to go this route.
  • An alternative is to utilize a wireless monitor adaptor. Your laptop can display its screen on an array of televisions without the need for any additional cords. If your TV has an HDMI input, you can use one of these adapters.

Note: The Google Chromecast is currently one of the most widely used wireless display adapters.

  • Last but not least, imagine that your TV is also a smart TV. Then you may use the TV’s WiFi or Bluetooth connection to mirror the laptop’s display on the larger screen.

In the end, whatever method you pick, it’s easy to show what’s on your laptop to the whole family by projecting it onto numerous TVs.


  • A Laptop With An HDMI Output Port -An HDMI Cable For Each TV.
  • A display device that accepts input from an HDMI cable (most TVs made in the last ten years have this).
  • A TV with HDCP 2.2 compatibility (this is required for 4K video).


  • An HDMI splitter should be connected to each television.
  • Join each of the splitters to your laptop’s HDMI output separately.

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How to wirelessly cast a Laptop to multiple TVs?

With Windows 10, you may wirelessly project your screen to numerous TVs using the built-in Projecting to this PC capability. This functionality is also known as multiplicative TV or Miracast.

How to wirelessly cast laptop to multiple TVs

To do this set up projecting to this PC:

  1. Choose the Start menu, then Settings, then System, then Display.
  2. After that, click the Connect to a wireless display box under Output. When you establish a connection to another computer, that computer will automatically be granted full-screen access. Choose the Only those I invite can project to my computer box if you do not want anyone to view your whole screen.
  3. Choose the box labeled ‘Require PIN for connecting devices’ and then input a PIN in the ‘PIN for connecting devices’ section to make a PIN mandatory. Under the section labeled ‘PIN for connecting devices,’ deselect the box labeled ‘Require PIN for connecting devices’ for gadgets that don’t need a password.
  4. Choose an option under “Multiple displays”:
  5. When you select “PC screen only,” the active TV or monitor will stop showing any external content and only show whatever is on your computer.
  6. By selecting this option, the display on your PC will be duplicated on the TV or monitor you’re now using. The screen of your TV or monitor will mirror everything you see on your computer.
  7. By selecting “Expand,” your primary desktop will expand to fill the width of your TV or monitor. Even though your primary desktop will be displayed on your computer’s screen, any changes you make on the secondary desktop will be mirrored on the primary desktop.
  8. If you select this option, your computer’s screen will go black, and only the display on your TV or monitor will be visible.

As soon as you’ve made your selection, head to Which PCs can connect? and toggle Projecting to this PC to On.

If the TV or monitor you wish to project to isn’t on the list, check out Troubleshooting Projecting difficulties in Windows 10 to determine if it satisfies the requirements.

Prepare your TVs

  • Make sure your TVs have an HDMI input. In case you need further explanation, see your TV’s manual or the TV’s specifications online, as this is the norm for most new TVs.
  • The TVs should be near the laptop so that the HDMI connection may be easily connected. If you need to reach them from further away, an extension cord or longer cable can help.
  • Get rid of the TVs. If you’re setting up many TVs, you shouldn’t start playing a movie on one of them just yet.

Establish a connection between your Laptop and TV

  • You undoubtedly own a laptop and have several televisions in your house. You could hook them together and use both of them as a single display for your laptop.
  • It’s simple, and there are a couple of approaches you can take. A few different approaches will be discussed, beginning with the simplest and progressing to the more complex ones.
  • We’ll begin with the simplest method—using HDMI—of linking your laptop to your TV. With an HDMI cable, you can connect your laptop to your TV if it has an HDMI port (which most do these days).
  • After you’ve done that, all you have to do to see your laptop’s screen on your TV is turn on both devices and set your TV to the relevant input. For the best visual quality, you may need to modify your TV’s settings.

Note: There are additional options for connecting your laptop to a TV if you don’t have an HDMI port on your laptop (or if your TV doesn’t have an HDMI input).

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Configure Display Settings

If you want the greatest results after casting up your laptop to many TVs, you’ll need to adjust the display settings.

The following is how to think about:

  • You can use any television set with confidence that it will accurately display your laptop’s screen resolution. Connecting your laptop to a TV or monitor with a higher resolution is the only way to achieve a higher resolution.
  • The refresh rate of your laptop screen will be the same on all TVs. To boost your laptop’s refresh rate, you’ll need to hook it up to a TV or monitor that’s compatible with that rate.
  • Windows 10 includes a built-in scaling capability that allows you to modify the size of on-screen items. If you’d prefer a larger or smaller viewing area, you can get that effect by using this feature.
  • Windows 10 includes built-in color management options that you may use to customize the look of your computer’s display. If you’re looking for truer colors on your screen, this may help.

Last Words

The blog explains how to use an HDMI splitter and HDMI cables to broadcast content from a laptop to numerous TVs. The advantages of having more than one TV mean that gamers and video editors cannot get by with just one screen.

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How To Unlock Keyboard On Dell Laptop: 5 Effective Ways



How to unlock keyboard on dell laptop

Is your Dell laptop keyboard locked?

Don’t know how to unlock the keyboard on a Dell laptop?

This guide will discuss 5 effective ways to unlock the keyboard on a Dell laptop.

So, let’s get started!

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How to unlock the keyboard on a Dell laptop?

The FN key may have been disabled inadvertently if you have a Dell keyboard and it is locked. You may easily resolve this by simultaneously pressing the FN and Numlock keys on your keyboard.

The issue may potentially be the result of technical difficulty. Your Dell PC should be able to handle this after a restart.

However, there are a few ways that you can use to unlock the keyboard on a Dell laptop.

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5 Effective Ways to Unlock Keyboard on Dell Laptop

5 ways to unlock keyboard on dell laptop

1.      Charge Wireless Keyboard

The battery in your wireless keyboard may be dead. If this is the case, you shouldn’t have to worry about any major problems like bugs or glitches. Just charge out its batteries.

Concurrently, the keyboard problems you’re experiencing could be the result of a dying battery in your laptop. Try again in about an hour after charging it.

2.      Disable Filter Keys

The majority of users have this problem after accidentally locking the FN key. As we explained before, this is how we accidentally locked the keyboard on our Dell laptop.

Follow these steps:

  • Find your keyboard’s FN key.
  • While the Numeric lock key appears, press and hold the ‘FN’ and the ‘Numlock’ button.
  • If the ‘Numlock’ key is not visible, hit the Fn and Esc keys simultaneously.

3.      Disable Numlock Key

It’s also possible that the Numlock key is the culprit, rather than the F keys being locked.

Follow these steps to release the Numlock key:

  • To access Windows, select the icon.
  • Choose Preferences from the Windows menu
  • Check out the Quick Access menu
  • Go to Tools and then on the Keyboard option.
  • To use the virtual keyboard, pick the corresponding menu option.

4.      Update Your Windows Version

There could be problems with your operating system as well. Get the most recent Windows update to fix its behavior issues.

Keep in mind that you must have access to a reliable network before proceeding.

Follow these steps:

  • Go to your dell laptop’s menu to start
  • Invoke the configurations menu by selecting the corresponding item.
  • Choose the “Update & Security” tab.
  • Make use of the Windows Update menu option.
  • Select See the Latest Version
  • Hold tight while any updates are downloaded.

5.      Do a Full System Scan of Your Dell Laptop

If the problem persists despite your best efforts, a full system scan may be required. This is a multi-stage procedure, and we’ll explain each step in detail below.

To boot into Safe Mode in Windows:

Just hit the ‘Start’ button.

  • To Terminate, Just Push the Off Switch
  • Awaken your laptop once more.
  • At the main menu, press the F12 key. You can rule out a hardware issue if you can access the boot menu.
  • Click the Diagnostics tab and hit Enter.
  • To cancel, hit Esc and then Yes.
  • To proceed, please select the arrow in the bottom right corner.
  • To proceed, please click the Next button.
  • Choose the Keyboard from the list of available parts, and then wait for the keyboard to be scanned.

Be sure to record the specifics of any error messages that you encounter. You can talk to someone from Dell’s support team about the issue by contacting them through one of their official or social media channels.

They’ll likely be able to solve the problem for you.

Go to Step 2 if you did not receive an error notice. This is the time to invest in a good keyboard.

Keyboard access release:

  • Just hit the ‘Start’ button.
  • Choose the Power Off option.
  • Awaken your laptop once more.
  • To enter BIOS mode on a Dell laptop, use the F2 key.
  • To reveal further options, select the security tab.
  • Choose Admin Password and type some text into the field to see if the Dell keyboard is still locked.

If the keyboard wouldn’t reveal itself in Bios:

  • To access Windows, select the icon.
  • Choose Preferences from the Windows menu
  • Choose the Friendliness to Users button.
  • Choose the on-screen keyboard option.
  • Launch a web browser and head to
  • Sign in to your account.
  • Start up SupportAssist by doing a search for it.
  • Choose the Run All button found in the Home submenu.
  • Keep following the on-screen instructions until your laptop is optimized.
  • If prompted, restart your laptop.

We are glad you won’t have to worry about a locked keypad anymore.

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Final Verdict

The FN key on your Dell laptop may be inaccessible if the keyboard is locked. Pressing the Fn and ESC keys together won’t work, however pressing the FN and Numlock keys together will.

Your Dell comes with a driver for every item you plug in. This could be due to a malfunctioning keyboard driver.

In the above sections, we have discussed 5 effective ways to fix the locked keyboard issue on your dell laptop. You can try each way until your laptop’s keyboard is unlocked.

Share your experience in the comment section below, Thank You!

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